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Phone / VoIP

ISP Canada offers VoIP solutions from Home Phone up to hosted multi-branch business PBX systems. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a way to send phone calls over the internet connection thus eliminating the need for traditional wired lines. You can take your VoIP device with you when you want to work at home or to keep in touch when on vacation.

Home Phone

Unlimited calling in Canada & USA*

Features include: caller name and number display, call waiting, voicemail to email, and more.

Home phone service can be done with a couple different options.
The basic service includes either
a) a wired VoIP telephone
b) a VoIP adapter your existing phones plug into.

The limitation here is that you can only have one person using a phone at any time.

The next option is a VoIP base station which allows you to purchase up to 5 cordless handsets. If one person is using a handset, the other handsets can still make or receive additional calls.

* - Excludes Hawaii, Alaska, some parts of Northern Canada

Business VoIP Solutions

Unlimited calling in Canada & USA*

We offer custom business solutions for your office phone needs. Anywhere from a small office with just a few telephone sets to companies with multiple branch locations in different cities and dozens of sets. Automated IVR (interactive voice response) to help direct calls as you want when you can't answer a call with a real person. VoIP doesn't require individual Lines for each call. Each call gets a channel to use as needed ,effectively giving you as many 'Lines' as you need at any time. Stop being limited by the old fashioned thinking of some telephone companies that charge for every Line. Imagine being able to directly call any extension at any office in your company without having to go through the local receptionist, asking to be transferred to the person you want to reach.

* - Excludes Hawaii, Alaska, some parts of Northern Canada