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ISP Canada your local internet provider

The future of internet is here

Experience lightning-fast speeds and reliable connectivity with our advanced fibre optics internet.

yes we do fibre

1.5 GIG


up to 1.5 Gbs download speed


up to 900 Mbps upload speed


UNLIMITED* internet usage


up to 5 emails


2 FREE computer security
checkups per year


(price guaranteed for 2 years)

Why Choose ISP Canada?

Local London Area Support

Say goodbye to long hold times and hello to friendly, efficient support.

Drop in and visit us!

More Than Internet

  • Custom computer builds
  • Computer Repair
  • On-site services
  • I.T. services
  • Website hosting & development
  • Business/Home Phones
  • 3D printing

* restrictions based on customer agreemet and fair use policy

ISP Canada