Conditions of Agreement to access ISP CANADA Internet Service.

Monthly accounts begin on the day you sign up. Monthly billings include the next month’s internet access plus the previous month’s extra usage charges. Payment is due within 30 days after the invoicing date. For budgeting purposes, you may request a change in your invoicing date at the administration fee of $5.00. You must keep ISP Canada up to date with your contact information for contacting you should we ever need to because of accounting, service or tech support issues. ISP Canada is not responsible for missed appointments with our technician's or a 3rd party we may use for tech support. A fee of $95 per missed appointment may be applicable. Upon signing an agreement with ISP CANADA to access our Internet service, payment for two months (the current month plus the last month) is required. The access and support fees are non-refundable. You may pay by cash, cheque, automatic debit, on-line banking, Visa, Master Card, and American Express. If you wish to use automatic debit, your bank may require a special form to be filled out and sent to us but in most cases, a void cheque is acceptable for our records.

All speeds are where technology permits.

Wireless speeds are the highest on any given package. During a sustained download the speed could drop to 50% the advertised. DSL over usage is billed at $1.00 per GB with no maximum

Wireless over usage is billed at $2.00 per GB with no maximum

Customers are responsible for monitoring their own usage using our ISP Usage Tracking Tool. The tool can be found in the footer of the website or by navigating to the link below.


Sign up to notifications when signed in to receive alerts before over usage occurs. As a customer you are responsible for keeping your usage within your package limit otherwise overage charges will be applied to your account when you have exceeded your maximum allowance.

Email hosting accounts are checked on the first of the month at 12:01am for mailbox amounts and size. We reserve the right to change pricing rates. Signed contracts will be honored for the length of the contract. To cancel service your account must be paid up to the cancellation request date.

Any invoice disputes must be made aware to ISP Canada within 30 days of invoice date. Otherwise the invoice stands. ISP Canada provides tech support for e-mail access, internet access, and website hosting as part of the monthly access fee for connecting with our service. We do not support third party software or your hardware such as your server, computer, Gateway routers, Internet sharing, Firewalls, Gaming, Messaging, Virus protection, Website development, FTP, Database development, etc. These are your responsibility unless otherwise agreed upon.

We reserve the right to suspend any agreement for the following: delinquent accounts, network usage causing other clients connectivity issues, use of Internet access for transmitting or receiving material for illegal use, as stated under the laws of Canada and the International community, or any misuse of your access or account which causes problems for our administration, our server and/or our other clients. If this Internet Access is used to commit illegal acts, as stated under the laws of Canada and the International community, all such actions will be reported to the proper authorities and related information will handed over to them. Any access fees paid will be forfeited.

ISP CANADA is not responsible for any files or email lost or destroyed. Please keep original copies of Web Pages and other files on a backup system of your own.

WARNING: You are responsible for your own virus protection.