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Wireless Coverage


  • Arkona (Beechwood Agri Services, Corner of Arkona Rd and Birnam Line)
  • Adelaide (Ron Peters Farm, Egremont Dr. East of School Rd.)
  • Beechwood (Beechwood Agri Services, Petty St. South of Poplar Hill Rd.)
  • Bowood (VanDeuren Farm, Nairn Rd between Argyle and Fernhill.)
  • Brinsley (Allan Amos Farm, silo North of McGillivray Dr near corner of Brinsley Rd.)
  • Bryanston (Foster Farm, 12 Mile Rd. West of Highbury)
  • Carlisle (Rob Cornelis Farm, Argyle St. Between King St. and Gale Rd.)
  • Clandeboye (Lynn Cattle, Neal Rd. South of Clandeboye Dr.)
  • Clearview Grain (Greg Walls Farm 14 Mile at HydePark Rd)
  • Coldstream (Bycraft farm, Coldstream Rd. West of Hedley Dr.)
  • Corbett (Glen Steeper Farm, Grand Bend Line North of Adare Dr)
  • Cuddy Dr (Gary DeVet Farm, 1521 Cuddy Dr west of Kerwood Rd)
  • Denfield (New Life Mills, Denfield Rd South of Elginfield Dr.)
  • Eight Mile (Robson Farms, Eight Mile Rd. Between Denfield Rd. and Vanneck)
  • Godts Farms (Godts Farms, Fort Rose Rd and New Ontario Rd)
  • Greenway (Hensall Co-op Greenway, Greenway Dr. East of Hutchinson Rd.)
  • Ilderton (Robson Farms, Ilderton Rd. West of Denfield Rd.)
  • Keyser (Hodgins Farm at south end of Hodgins Rd.)
  • Komoka (Bell Tower, Melrose Dr at Komoka Rd.)
  • Lieury (Denys Farm, McGillivray Dr. East of Godkin Rd.)
  • Lobo (Melrose Dr. Between Egremont Dr. and Nairn Rd.)
  • Moray (Steeper Farm, McGillivray Dr. West of Cedar Swamp Rd.)
  • Mt.Carmel (VanOsch Farms, Creamery Rd. South of Adare Dr.)
  • Nine Mile Rd (Loft Farm, 9 Mile Rd. West of Hyde Park Rd.)
  • OldeDrive (Bolton Farms, Olde Dr between Amiens and Aberdeen)
  • Parkhill (Beechwood Agri Services, King St. Parkhill)
  • Sylvan (William Peters Farm, Sylvan Rd. North of Elginfield Dr.)