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ISP Canada – IT Department Services

Managed Services for your network
ISP Canada’s IT Department now provides Managed Services to decrease downtime and increase productivity by proactively responding to potential problems. Here is a list of the services ISP Canada can provide:

FREE on-site network audit for network or server upgrade recommendations
Thinking of upgrading your network and/or server? Or is your company just laying the groundwork? Call us at 519-660-6160 to speak to ISP Canada’s IT techs about booking a free network and security audit to discover and assess potential points of failure, and then recommend solid upgrade solutions.

Monitoring & Alerting
We will actively monitor your network and remotely address potential points of failure before they become critical and disrupt productivity When a site visit is required, immediate, automatic alerts guarantee a rapid response Asset Management

Perform a network audit to assess any potential points of failure
Ongoing scanning for up-to-date hardware, software and patch update information Security Assurance

Extensive reporting gives you a bird’s-eye view of your entire network’s security
ISP Canada is an Avast Antivirus Elite Partner. Using Avast’s latest monitoring & antivirus business-class products, we can continuously monitor workstations and servers for viruses, worms, malware, and attempted network access by unauthorized users

Backup Disaster Recovery
Company data protection and security are one of the cores of our business. With a Backup Disaster Recovery system in place, your data is backed up every hour on the hour and not only on-site, but with a remote copy as well in our data center in the event of fire or natural disaster at your office Reporting

Comprehensive and accurate graphical reports on a regular basis simplify capacity management and upgrade planning
The Bottom Line: Switching away from a reactive break/fix process that can create unexpected expense from downtime and loss of productivity, to a proactive Managed Service IT maintenance package that reduces downtime and saves you money. And it provides a predictable monthly cost for more accurate company budget forecasting. Call us at 519-660-6160 to learn more!

Build custom workstations and servers - Click Here
ISP Canada can custom build workstations and servers to your specifications and budget when your company is ready to grow. We also service workstations and servers so we are your one-stop IT shop!

On-site and off-site backup solutions
Backing up important company files securely and reliably is an essential service for your company. ISP Canada’s IT technicians can design and implement scalable on-site and off-site backup solutions to suit your company’s current and future backup needs.

ISP Canada IT Department Contact Info
Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm
Phone: 519-660-6160 - Option 1 then 3
General Inquiries: